How Taking a Vacation Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

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2 years ago

It’s officially summer and what better way to kick off the season then with a vacation! But when it the right time to ask for a vacation with all the work you have to get done in the office? Well if you just accepted a job it’s great to negotiate that right up front and into your contract. Take a month off right before you start. You probably spent a lot of time looking for that job so now is the perfect time to take off and it also helps you manage your energy so that you can come fresh to your new job. Research shows that the way you’re going to have high performing employees is by letting them take car of themselves…not by over working them!

Believe it or not a lot of employees actually never end up using their sick days or their vacation days because they are afraid that they have too much work that needs to get done and taking a vacation is just not in the books for them. Now the United States gives the least vacation days then any other nation in the world and we still decide to take less of our vacation time. And even when we take vacations the majority of people check in at some point and so some work.

However, taking time off is extremely important and taking the time to just sit back and relax. You will come to work more prepared and ready to work with a fresh and open mind. For more details be sure to check out the video above!

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