Will Visa & MasterCard Be The Next $1 Trillion Companies?

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The two credit card industry leaders might be the next trillionaire companies.

Stock prices have been rising a lot in recent months, which is having several significant economic effects. One of these effects is propelling Visa and MasterCard’s stock values up quickly. MasterCard Inc. is already the 11th most valuable company listed on the S&P 500, while Visa is the 7th. This comes alongside the fact that stocks in both companies have risen about 50% in the last year. If the two companies keep up their current growth rates, they will each be worth over $1 trillion by 2023.

Of course, there is absolutely no guarantee that Visa and MasterCard will continue their incredible ascent. However, the current consumer trends are on their side. While the retail industries have been struggling during recent years, credit card companies have actually benefited. As brick-and-mortar retail slumps, consumers are shifting increasingly towards online shopping, a fact that almost guarantees the future success of the two credit card providers.

As of Thursday’s close, MasterCard is valued at about $324 billion, while Visa is valued at about $449 billion. Right now, the trillionaire business club only includes Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. Amazon was temporarily a part of that club, until a rough patch brought their value below $1 trillion.

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4 years ago
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