Why You Should Be Shopping for Groceries at Night


Why It’s Better to Nab Your Nosh at Night!

It’s not only where you shop, but when that can save you some serious time and money. With these handy grocery shopping tips, you can see some real savings.

To start, you’ll have practically the whole store to yourself, so you’re going to make better buying decisions.

whyyoushouldbeshoppingforgroceriesatngiht1Perishables tend to get reduced at night because they need to get rid of the stuff they’ve had in the store all day and bring in the new stuff for tomorrow, plus later at night you can get special attention from the butcher ; ) No! Not that kind of attention.

If you’ve got a recipe that calls for a big cut of meat that needs to be cut up a special way, your butcher should be happy to do it.

Also, shopping at night means that the shelves are more picked over so you’re less likely to make an impulse buy from that big shiny full display.

And of course, the biggest perk of shopping later at night is that there’s absolutely no lines! We weren’t kidding about saving you time and money. Give late night grocery shopping a try, we bet you’ll love it.

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4 years ago
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