When Is It A Good Idea To Apply For Another Credit Card?

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The area of finance where millennials struggle the most is credit cards.

Credit cards are the financial bane of millennials, and they’re going into credit card debt over many ridiculous things. But millennials aren’t the only ones having a problem with credit cards. A recent study by CompareCards found that 21% of US credit card holders haven’t once paid their monthly credit card statement in full during the last six months. With millennials and older adults alike, everyday products are bought on credit, and many Americans aren’t keeping up with their credit card spending. When it comes to what people are going into credit card debt for, the answer is everything. A LendingTree survey found that 42% of millennial pet owners have gone into debt for their pet.

The reasons to get another credit card should be specific. This is especially true if you’re currently paying off debt and have a low credit score. Many people get new credit cards for specific rewards. While these rewards are of great benefit for some, if you’re struggling already then the rewards you’re looking at are more of a trap to draw you in. Furthermore, it’s hard to get a credit card application approved if your credit score is below average, so you should wait at least a year after receiving a credit card before applying for a new one, according to NerdWallet.

If your credit score is good and you don’t have too much debt, NerdWallet suggests that you wait at least six months between credit card applications to maximize your chances of getting approved. The number of credit cards you have is less important than your spending habits and the purchases you use a specific card for. Just keep in mind that even with a good credit score, unless you’re quite wealthy, credit card issuers see multiple credit card applications in a short period of time as a red flag. To show the issuers that you’ll be a safe bet when it comes to future payments, pay your bills on time and in full when you can, and wait six months to a year between applications.

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