Walmart Jumping Into Grocery Delivery Through Subscription Offer

Credit: Supermarket News

The grocery business is getting competitive and Walmart wants in.

The retail giant and Amazon challenger is launching a subscription offering that’ll likely shake things up in the grocery industry.

Walmart’s loyal customers can now subscribe to “Delivery Unlimited,” the company’s latest initiative that has put its competition on their toes. The move mirrors the heightening competition in the grocery industry, and grocers are lowering their margins to rein in consumers during a time when the way we shop is transforming. Even the way we go grocery shopping is changing and it’s changing in such a way that “going grocery shopping” is starting to become less popular. Why go grocery shopping when you can get grocers to come to you? Especially considering how cheap it is to gain access to delivery services.

The newest subscription service offered at Walmart costs $98 per year. Subscribers have unlimited access to grocery items at 1400 stores across the US. The company plans to expand this subscription offering to at least 50% of the US by the end of the year. The new service will also be connected with their online platforms, allowing subscribers to make mobile orders for pick-up or delivery.

Much like how the entertainment giants are racing to provide the best digital streaming service, grocers are racing to provide the fastest, most affordable, and most efficient services. The entertainment giants went on a buying spree to acquire as much intellectual property as they could, but now companies are in a race to capture as much of this new market’s market share as they can.

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5 months ago