Volkswagen In Settlement Talks Over Diesel Scandal

Credit: Reuters

The car maker is being sued over excessive pollution in its diesel cars.

Volkswagen has reported that it is now in talks over a settlement with German consumers’ groups. In 2015, Volkswagen admitted to have been using engine manufacturing software that had been manipulated to hide pollution levels in its diesel cars. This confession caused a series of lawsuits that have now cost the company over 30 billion Euros in fines. “Volkswagen and the Federation of German Consumer Organisations vzbv have agreed to enter into discussions regarding a possible settlement. The discussions are at a very early stage, and there is no guarantee that they will result in a settlement. Both parties have agreed that the discussions should remain confidential,” Volkswagen said in a statement.

The Federation of German Consumer Organizations has come forward representing 400,000 customers over the issue. Laws passed as recently as 2018 have allowed the federation to launch a class-action lawsuit.

Volkswagen has received more trouble in North America than it has in Germany. German Volkswagen diesel vehicles have retained their road worthiness certifications, making it harder for consumers to sue the company, so long as the customers agree to a planned update of the company’s software.

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7 months ago
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