US Pushing For UK Huawei 5G Ban

Credit: Reuters

A US delegation arrived in the UK on Monday morning to try to convince the British to ban Huawei equipment for 5G networks.

Huawei is expected to begin setting up its equipment in the UK during late January. While plans for rolling out Huawei’s 5G technology are already underway, British Security Minister Brandon Lewis said on Sunday that a decision on the matter will come “relatively soon.”

The UK is currently weighing two sides of the argument over whether to work with Huawei to establish its 5G network. On one side, the British relationship with China is made stronger through its business with Huawei, and British telecommunication industry leaders have warned that banning Huawei equipment will cost them billions of dollars. On the other side, the US alleges that Huawei equipment would be used for spying.

The UK is caught between the current suspicions between the US and China. The UK’s defense minister said on Sunday that US President Donald Trump has threatened to cut off some intelligence support from the UK if Huawei is allowed to deploy equipment in the UK. However, British lawmakers have already confirmed that Huawei equipment will not be used for networks that facilitate intelligence sharing. “It’s not a secret. They have been consistent. Those things will be taken into account when the government collectively decides to make a decision on it,” the British defense minister said.

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