US Bans Flavored Electric Cigarettes Nationwide

Credit: Robyn Beck /AFP/Getty Images

The nationwide ban covers all tobacco products with mint and fruit flavors that are offered in cartridges.

Flavored tobacco products will continue to be sold and consumed in the US, but cartridge-based tobacco products will be unavailable for purchase. The ban comes over rising concerns over the health consequences associated with these products. In the US alone, there have been 55 recorded deaths caused by the use of flavored tobacco products. Another 2,500 have reportedly been hospitalized due to the use of such products. “We have to protect our families. At the same time, it’s a big industry. We want to protect the industry,” President Donald Trump said this week.

The US is joining a growing list of countries that have banned flavored tobacco products over health concerns. Many of the world’s largest markets have removed these tobacco products from their markets. China, Brazil, India, and South Korea have all already implemented restrictions on flavored tobacco products.

There have been concerns that flavored tobacco products will put teenagers in particular danger in the US. The Food and Drug Administration has noted that use of these products among teenagers has been on the rise. These concerns come amid allegations on the part of activists that teenagers may simply start using menthol cigarettes and tobacco-flavored eCigarettes if flavored cigarette use becomes more limited.

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2 years ago