UK Parliament To Be Suspended Until October

The British government is preparing to send lawmakers home until two weeks before the UK’s scheduled exit of the EU.

The lead-up to Brexit has seen a lot of drama in British Parliament. British lawmakers demanded on Monday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government release their correspondence surrounding plans for Brexit.

Lawmakers in the UK are being sent home as concerns over Brexit continue to wear the country’s politics down. There is good reason for this, as securing a deal before the Brexit deadline would be necessary to stave off the worst of the damage Brexit is expected to bring. Before Monday’s session in parliament ended, opposition lawmakers made their points clear and delivered more blows to Johnson. The opposition pushed through a measure that was designed to stop the British exit of the EU without a deal on October 31st. The measure has become law after receiving formal ascent from Queen Elizabeth II.

British legislators have been turning the heat up on Johnson’s government. Among their other demands, they want the government to release emails and texts from aides and officials regarding Brexit plans and the suspension of parliament by Wednesday. Some in parliament have alleged that the closure of parliament is being used to circumvent the democratic process. Prime Minister Johnson, for his part, is having trouble as he loses allies. Johnson has stated that he’d “rather be dead in a ditch” than postpone Brexit, although he has few ways of avoiding a postponement.

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6 months ago
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