The Disney & Fox Merger May Have Cost 4,000 Jobs

The acquisition has brought about some heavy restructuring.

It would appear that the recent $71.3 billion dollar acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney may have had some unintended consequences on the labor market. The long-awaited ending to the acquisition came earlier this week, and it may have cost 4,000 people their jobs.

As many fans wait to see what Disney will do with the treasure trove of intellectual property they just acquired, several thousand others are waiting to see what will happen to their jobs. According to one report from Variety, employees are currently “grappling” with the transition. Many of the workers over at 21st Century Fox are wondering what it’ll be like with Disney in charge. Employees at 21st Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, National Geographic Partners, and a few others are all pondering what’s to come, according to Variety.

There are currently several rumors floating around at the offices of the recently acquired companies. Some of the rumors bring up the possibility of a transitional phase, during which time employees will be laid off and given severance packages as required by the new leadership. Employees that aren’t to be laid off immediately will be told who they are going to report to on Thursday.

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