Rise of Resort Day Passes Offers Travelers Luxury on a Budget


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Day passes at hotels and resorts are emerging as a popular option for travelers seeking luxury without the hefty cost of reserving a room. ResortPass, a leading platform in the day-guest market, has capitalized on this trend, partnering with over 1,300 luxury hotels, including renowned names like Waldorf-Astoria, JW Marriott, and Fontainebleau, to provide affordable access to high-end amenities.

Travel enthusiasts like New York resident Lora Bowler are embracing day passes as a cost-effective way to experience luxury resorts. “It’s a neat way to escape and feel like you’re at a five-star hotel without actually staying there,” Bowler said. She has enjoyed daybeds, poolside services, and even found a pass that included a room for her husband to work remotely. Day passes allow guests to access a hotel’s amenities, such as pools, spas, and fitness centers, without the cost of an overnight stay. This approach bridges the gap between consumers’ desire for luxury and their budget constraints.

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4 weeks ago
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