Netflix Set To Pass New Milestone

Netflix is about to hit another milestone as the company is quickly reaching the 150 million subscribers mark.

Netflix is continuing to set new milestones as they gain millions of new subscribers. The company ended the first quarter with 148.9 million subscribers, and is expected to cross the 150 million mark with the release of their second quarter earnings. Netflix predicted that they will add 5 million new paying subscribers during the second quarter, which represents their smallest increase since the first quarter of 2017. Since this time, Netflix has been picking up speed and spreading its subscriber base around the globe. Analysts now expect Netflix to have 200 million subscribers by the end of 2020.

When it comes to the source of Netflix’s new subscribers, it’s not the US that is making the difference at this point. When Netflix reached the 100 million paying subscribers milestone, half of the subscribers were American and half were not. By the time that Netflix posts its second quarter earnings, it’s expected that 95 million subscribers, or 60%, will be outside the US, and this trend is expected to continue as the streaming service pushes towards 200 million subscribers. In fact, domestic subscriber growth has been slowing down as time goes on. This is expected to continue as Netflix faces more domestic competition from The Walt Disney Co. and other streaming services.

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2 years ago
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