Must-Follow Tips for Ride-Sharing Safety

Ride-sharing has been a huge subject of discussion for many reasons, one of which is safety.

Unfortunately, the young industry is faced with many problems. While the technology behind ride sharing apps is good, nothing is perfect and predators are always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to attack. Before you get into any car, you must make sure your safety is secured. At least two dozen women have been attacked in the last few years after mistakenly entering a predator’s car.

Here are a few tips that will help you stay safer while ride-sharing:

  1. Ask the driver what your name is. Drivers always receive basic information when they are going to pick a passenger up, including the name listed on your account. As such, if the driver is the one who was sent to pick you up, they will be able to see the name on your account.
  2. Check the cars’ licence plates. When you order from any of the major ride-sharing apps, you will get a car model as well as a license plate. If the plate matches, then that is your driver.
  3. Ask the driver what their name is. You should also always receive the name of your driver alongside a picture of their face.
  4. Share your details with a friend. Making sure someone knows when and where you are supposed to arrive will make it easier for them to help you stay safe.
  5. Check for the matching light. Lyft and Uber each have glowing lights for their drivers so that they can more easily be identified.
  6. Lastly, if you feel like you’re in danger, don’t hesitate to call for help. Most ride-sharing apps have a built-in emergency button to connect you to a 911 operator.
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2 years ago
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