Marketing in Strange Times

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There’s still opportunity to be had if you know where to look.

I’m willing to bet that more than a few of you out there are tired of hearing the phrase “in these uncertain times.” These times are pretty uncertain, and they’re more than likely going to remain as such for the foreseeable future. That’s been pretty well-established by now. So in lieu of wondering when things are going to get back to normal, it’s time to start adjusting your game plan. For instance, if you work in marketing, you’ve likely noticed things have become bumpier. People are less willing to spend their money on stuff right now. It’s worrying, but curling up in the corner and waiting for the world to end won’t put bread on the table. Recalibrate your attitude and figure out how to make your brand work in the new normal.

With everyone more inclined to stay inside, they’re spending a lot more time on their phones and computers. You can most definitely use that increased traffic to your advantage. I mean, you really should’ve been doing that already if you weren’t, but now it can be your primary avenue rather than just a side project. Build up a social media presence, get your brand out there. Learn how to talk to people, both through private emails and in the public social media space. If you have a cool, interesting online persona, people will be attracted, no matter what you’re selling.

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More than likely, most of your regular business associates from the pre-pandemic days are in a similar situation to you. If you’ve got an existing network, you can tap it for insight and assistance. If you’re unsure how to manage yourself, tap your network for ideas and inspiration. At least one person should have some advice for you, or if they don’t personally, they might be able to put you in contact with someone who does.

The most relevant advice I can offer is, once you’ve got your new online brand figured out, pay your success forward. If you’ve got some extra cash, make a publicized charity donation. Of course, charitable giving is its own reward, but if your brand happens to accrue some good karma from consumers for its actions, well, let’s just call that a happy bonus.

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