Lyft Files Patent For Drivers ‘Jukebox’ System

Lyft has filed a patent for a new “driver jukebox” system which would let you play music during your Lyft ride.

The move comes three years after Uber brought in a feature that allows passengers to play music during their ride.

Lyft filed the patent on Tuesday, providing the groundwork for their new “driver jukebox.” The basic idea is that the rider will be given the ability to play music that they select through the app and into the driver’s phone and car speakers. “For a vehicle driven by a driver, the music played in the vehicle is limited to being controlled by the driver. Typically anyone else in the vehicle experiences the same music environment regardless of their own music preferences” the patent reads. The patent application is a continuation of a patent that Lyft applied for in 2015. The thing is that none of the music features laid out in this jukebox patent were included in the Lyft app since the 2015 filing.

Uber launched their own music feature in 2016. Uber’s music feature allows riders to play music through a connection with Spotify or Pandora, according to the Uber website. Lyft hasn’t launched any similar feature yet, but it seems like this jukebox will be their answer to their primary competitor’s offer. Lyft did, however, launch their #betterrides campaign in 2015, encouraging riders to check their drivers’ music preferences through the Lyft app.

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11 months ago
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