It’s All About The Money … So It Seems!

Money Makes the World Go Crazy!

The market is steadily climbing but incomes just don’t seem to be doing the same. Many American’s around the globe are stressing over their financial situations more than ever and many are wondering why.

Psychological studies suggest that many seem to be stressing due to the lack of gains in income and the fear that the market may soon crash leaving them unstable in their jobs.

itsallaboutthemoney1If you don’t feel like you’re getting ahead then most likely you feel like your falling behind and that seems to be the underlying problem. It’s a natural feeling to have so don’t worry but many people have to realize that it comes with time and the market comes in cycles. It gets worse before it gets better and when it’s good it will go bad. It’s just the way it works.

So, the stress is a natural feeling to have, however, gender role in the study comes in to play as women are reporting a higher level of stress.

So, it may not be all about the money, so we think, but more about the underlying problems that lead to this stress. Of course money plays a factor but there is so much more that comes into play, as evident by this study. For more on this check out the video above.

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5 years ago