How To Stay In a Japanese Hotel Room For $1 Per Night

Credit: TripAdvisor

One hotel in Japan is offering a deal you likely won’t find anywhere else in the country.

Guests headed to Fukuoka have the opportunity to save big on accommodations. You can stay in a hotel in Asahi Ryokan, Fukuoka for just 100 Yen (about $1) per night, but with a catch. The only catch is that the guest must agree to have the entire stay live-streamed. There are certain restrictions surrounding how the live-streaming works. The live feed only captures video, so guests can still talk to other guests or on the phone in privacy. Of course, the bathroom area is out of the camera’s sight and the lights can be turned off so the camera doesn’t see much.

Not too many people have taken the hotel up on the offer so far. The idea may be off-putting to many, and any “lewd acts” are prohibited. Guests are also told to hide their sensitive information and keep documents such as passports out of sight. “Young people nowadays don’t care much about the privacy,” hotel owner Tetsuya Inoue explained.

Funnily enough, the hotel does make quite a bit of money off the offer. While $1 is clearly very little for a night anywhere in Japan, the videos are streamed to a YouTube channel with over 1,000 subscribers. With over 4,000 hours viewed so far, ad revenues can offset the money lost by making the room so cheap.

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7 months ago