Fiat Chrysler Down Amid Goldman Sachs Advice To Sell Stock

Goldman Sachs has delivered a punch to Fiat Chrysler with their “sell” rating placed on the company’s stock. The auto maker’s stock fell by 5.1% on the news.

Goldman Sachs set its price target at $13.50 per Fiat Chrysler share. Despite the fact that the market has been hitting record highs during the last few days, Fiat Chrysler has hit its lowest share price since mid-June. Analysts at Goldman Sachs have noted that Fiat Chrysler has outperformed its competition for the last three years, but they’ve also noted several challenges to the car-maker’s earnings going forward. Earnings volatility in Latin America and regulatory difficulties in Europe were both cited as key issues for the company. According to Goldman Sachs’ report, Fiat Chrysler cannot expect consistently high profits from Latin America due to “market inconsistencies.”

Another challenge for Fiat Chrysler is the fact that it’s fallen behind its competition technologically, according to Goldman Sachs analysts. While Fiat Chrysler is the world’s eighth largest automaker, its major competitors are making major moves in electric vehicles and high-tech driver assistance features. According to Goldman Sachs, Fiat Chrysler “has been more restrained than peers” when it comes to embracing newer technologies. Wall Street’s consensus estimate for the automaker is $16.88 per share amid 12 “buy,” 14 “hold,” and 3 “sell” ratings, as reported by Bloomberg data.

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3 years ago