Expensive Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling

Life is full of expensive mistakes and surprises, but don’t let your next trip be one of those. You cannot fully prepare for unplanned expenditures, but there are things you can do and things you can avoid to ensure you are as prepared as possible. Your next trip or vacation should be as enjoyable as possible, not another unwanted bill to pay. Here are some ways you can avoid money traps while traveling:

1. Read the reviews: Don’t skip the online reviews. Make sure you comb through as many online reviews as you can, from the location to the restaurants there, before you book the trip.
2. Check the fine print: Rental car agencies love to bury regulations and rules in the fine print of their rental agreements, so make sure you take the time to read through the agreement before choosing the agency.
3. Ask for an upgrade in person: Often times, many of the available upgrades are based on request.
4. Research the airport travel: Make sure to research your travel to and from the airport, booking everything in advanced. It’s much cheaper and much safer that way.
5. Eat before the airport: Airport food is not only rather low-grade, it is also extremely overpriced. Don’t blow your travel budget just eating at the airport. You can also pack food or snacks if you don’t have time to eat prior.
6. Avoid international cell-service: Switch to a worldwide plan or even buy a SIM card at the airport.
7. Airline fees: Check and double check and even check again. Make sure you are getting the best deal on your ticket!
8. Avoid eating near tourist attractions: The closer you are to a famous tourist attraction, the more expensive the restaurants will likely be. If you want something less busy and less expensive, try something farther away from an attraction.

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6 years ago
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