Don’t Neglect The “Soft” Skills You Pick Up From Your First Job

When you’re starting out in your career, don’t neglect the “soft” skills. They’ll become key in all of your future career moves.

As you progress through your career, you’ll pick up many career-specific skills that will help you grow. Skills pay the bills, and this is true of both hard and soft skills. When we discuss soft skills, we’re talking about the personality traits and behaviors that you demonstrate to your coworkers. These soft skills are what make you stand out, even early on in your career. In fact, the most important time to demonstrate your communication, teamwork, work ethic, and adaptability, is earlier in your career. According to several business gurus who spoke with the New York Post, the soft skills you learnt from your first job will translate to further career moves.

There are many examples of these soft skills being used in a meaningful way. For example, imagine you work at Starbucks and you have a very angry customer right in front of you. Diffusing angry customers by being patient and handling their objections appropriately is a tactic that is applicable to many other work environments. Communication is key everywhere you go, so rejecting opportunities to foster effective soft skills translates to leaving money on the table. If you can adapt to different circumstances and master all these soft skills, you’ll get ahead of someone whose hard skills are equal to yours.

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4 years ago
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