Be an Energizer, Juice the Workplace

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Empower the office with positive energy.

It’s often assumed that the best way to get ahead in your professional field is to be a “go-getter.” A “go-getter” is someone who always works at a 110%, never says no, and always has time to help. The thing is, while working like that will certainly earn you some brownie points, it’s not really a healthy perspective to have. Rather than committing your entire being to your career, you should focus instead on making the most out of the work you normally do, as well as your interactions with your coworkers. Instead of a “go-getter,” you should endeavor to be an energizer.

An energizer is someone who empowers the workplace with positive energy and sound thinking. To be an energizer is to commit yourself to doing your best within reasonable boundaries, as well as fostering healthy connections with those around you. For example, let’s say you have a really big project that needs doing promptly. A “go-getter” would just go whole-hog on the project and try to brute force it as quickly as possible. An energizer, on the other hand, utilizes resources, asks questions, requests occasional help from coworkers, and gets the work done on time and in good condition.

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Being an energizer is all about commitment. You always stick to your promises, you endeavor to maintain a good rapport with coworkers, both on a professional and social level, and you create environments where everyone has a say and everyone contributes. When you’re an energizer, you create a positive atmosphere that encourages others to do their best along with you. Being the kind of person that both works well and encourages others to work well will score you way more brownie points than just brute forcing your work, and you’ll have a much healthier work-life balance to boot.

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