Bar Owners Emphasize Safety Measures During the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft will be kicking off in Nashville from the 25th to the 27th of April.

Major events always bring in more tourism, and this year’s NFL draft will certainly be no exception. When these events take place, local business owners put their best foot forward to make more money during the festivities. However, safety is an issue that is very important for business owners during these kinds of events; especially if it’s the bar business.

Bar owners in Nashville are already taking care of their security situation. Every weekend is busy in downtown Nashville, but the Draft weekend will see local bar and restaurant owners hire the best security firms amid the increased foot traffic. If you are going to Nashville for the draft weekend, don’t be surprised if you see some rather large former Navy Seals keeping the streets safe during the event. If this all sounds intimidating, fear not! The security focus this year is in conflict avoidance and conflict resolution, so if all goes according to plan, business owners and tourists should all be smiling together.

Large events often create a need for greater security, as many people congregate to a small area where they often consume alcohol. If you’re servicing tourists during a major sporting event, your choice in security firms does matter. Poorly performing security companies may keep trouble outside of your place of business, but its keeping the right customers inside that is important as well. This is where you can actually save MORE money by paying more for better security. Any drama is bad drama when you are trying to serve customers, in any context.

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2 years ago