Avoid These Bad Habits To Stay Healthy at Work

The last thing you need in your professional life is poor health.

The modern world is full of pastimes that aren’t great for you. There are a few bad habits that cause particularly poor effects when it comes to the early signs of aging.

First of all, not sleeping enough will kill you. Well, it may not kill you noticeably fast, but a lack of sleep is bad for your mind and body alike. Sleeping allows your skin to get a pause from the normal threats to it, and allows it to get a break that will keep you looking younger if you get enough sleep on a regular basis. In the same way that a lack of sleep will age your skin, too much stress will age your body and mind as well. Stress causes higher levels of cortisol in your body, causing high blood pressure, weight gain, and a reduced metabolism.

What you do in your spare time will have an effect on how quickly your skin ages. Not exercising will cause your body and mind to age faster, so working out is recommended. When it comes to both sleep and the effects mental health have on the aging of your skin, smartphone use makes a difference. Too much time looking at a smartphone can cause a disruption in the communication of both hemispheres of your brain. This can lead to a wide array of physical and mental health problems, one of which is faster aging of the skin due to stress. When it comes to the things you put into your body, deep fried foods and smoking cigarettes are the worst for your skin.

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2 years ago
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