Australian Drought Causing Notable Ecological Problems

Credit: Adobe

Australian Kangaroos are starving as the drought takes its toll.

The severe drought has already killed millions of Kangaroos, which are often seen at the side of the road as sources of food for the species remain low. Kangaroos in Eastern Australia have been spotted going inside public washrooms to eat toilet paper. Acacia, pine, and sandalwood trees have been dying in Southeast Australia, despite having survived Australia’s harsh climate for centuries. However, despite the devastation to eastern Kangaroo populations, Kangaroos are doing very well on the western side of the continent. Western Australia has been spared the disaster affecting much of the country.

Among our fellow humans, Australian farmers have been hit by the drought particularly hard. Australia’s agricultural output has fallen 15% during the last three years and is now at its lowest level in a decade. These farmers do receive aid from the Australian government, but it’s among the lowest volume of aid given to farmers in the first world. Australia produces about $60 billion in agricultural produce every year, but environmental disasters like these require serious public funding to keep farmers working.

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9 months ago