Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

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3 years ago


Yes, You Do Need Renter Insurance

With renting on the rise, it’s more important than ever to understand where you stand when it comes to insurance. Did you know that just because you rented your home doesn’t mean you’re protected by your landlord’s insurance? A landlord’s insurance policy will usually only cover the building itself and not your items inside it.


Accidents like fires and floods can not only damage your stuff, but also the property of other people in your building, but by buying renter’s insurance, you’ll be protected from having to cover those unexpected costs down the line.

Starting around just $12 a month, a comprehensive insurance plan could save you thousands. But there’s even more savings you could grab. If you let your insurance know that you’re installing stuff like smoke detectors, burglar alarms and even sprinkler systems you could negotiate a deal on your rate.

Definitely do some research and find the best plan for you, some even cover theft and natural disasters. Remember to find the right renter’s insurance for you, because renting your home should never mean denting your wallet!