Childcare on a Budget

Childcare Solutions That DON’T Break The Bank

Did you know that the average American family spends over $7,000 a year on child care? That’s a lot of money. Here’s how you can lower your cost without compromising on care or quality, because after all, your children’s safety and future are what’s really most important.

One great way to lower your childcare costs is by joining or starting a babysitting co-op. These co-ops consist of parents who exchange free babysitting services for one another. That’s right, there’s no money involved! Instead a series of points, hours or tokens is used to measure how much work each family puts in.

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If your schedule isn’t flexible enough to joint a babysitting co-op sometimes you can reduce your costs just by knowing where to look. If you check out you can see child care options in your area with ratings, reviews, skills and experience listed.

In the end, always remember to be thorough when choosing a sitter. Make sure to acquire references, background checks and conduct interviews beforehand. Give these tips a try and you’ll be on your way to finding childcare that’s dependable and affordable.

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4 years ago