This Vacation Mistake Could Be Costing You

Vacation is supposed to be a carefree time where you blow off all of your concerns for some simple, relaxing fun. But the one thing that should always be in the back of your mind is money. On average, families who fail to budget their vacation properly end up spending an addict $689 dollars than those who have their finances laid out. Here’s why.

1 out of every 10 vacationers do not keep track of their spending while on vacation. They continue to let the expenses rack up without a second thought, thinking they’ll be find because they’re “on vacation.” These added items usually combine the form of food and drink charges that are not factored into a proper vacation budget. Most people would believe that their hotel would be more inclusive with meals, or simply forget to add money for meals, so they’re forced to buy expensive entrées in lieu of money-saving snacks.

The best way to curb this vacation mistake is to call your hotel and make sure you know what is included with your base pay and what is extra. Do this before you leave, and then compile those notes with a set list of spending. Staying on budget while on vacation will make the return to the real world less stressful. And lastly, don’t withdraw and carry a bunch of cash. This leads to impulse buy which is the main way tourists end up spending more than expected.

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7 months ago
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