The Riskiest Scams Of 2018 According To The Better Business Bureau

Every year the Better Business Bureau publishes a list of the most common scams that people fell victim to.

This year’s publication revealed that scammers have been getting smarter, in addition to several additional changes in the underground scam scene.

At the top of this year’s list, our friends at the Better Business Bureau warn us all of employment scams. This came as a surprise, as these scams seemed to hit every demographic, including men, women, all age groups, soldiers, soldier’s families, and students. Amazon was a particularly hot target last year, and there were many reports of scammers impersonating them to conduct scams. Other scams include fake jobs postings, which often offer great benefits that many people would be looking for, such as working from home. The reason these scams have been so successful is because they target desperate people, and they help scam artists retrieve important personal information such as social security numbers. Scammers then go on to impersonate their victim in a case of identity theft, and proceed to drain them of whatever money they can.

Other big scams include online shopping scams, fake checks, home improvement scams, and loan scams. There were also many romance scams, crypto-scams, and fake vacation listings. An average of 138 people reported to the Better Business Bureau every day in 2018. It can be assumed that many other scams went unreported.

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6 months ago
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