The Most Versatile College Majors

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It’s good to follow your dreams, but a nice salary doesn’t hurt.

Student loan debt and job cuts have been making the news with greater frequency in 2019. Many college grads suffer from debt which often takes years, if not decades to shake off. Despite this, there are still plenty of majors with solid financial practicality behind them. Student loan debt is never a great experience, but its an easier experience if you’re a petroleum engineer making a six figure salary.

In addition to the majors which land you the highest-paying jobs, there are some majors which make you more employable across the board. For some people, having many options open to them is more comforting than just having access to a few high-paying positions. Here are the top ten majors when it comes to versatility:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Marketing
  3. Psychology
  4. Economics
  5. Finance
  6. Political Science
  7. Communication
  8. Computer Science
  9. Information Technology
  10. Sociology

The reasons for these majors’ versatility may not immediately be clear, but there are common threads in this list. Business administration is a field that is simply so broad, yet so useful, that there’s little surprise to finding it on the list. Similar things can be said of marketing and psychology. Marketing has long been a highly diverse and vibrant industry, and social media and other technology have made the marketing field explode with new opportunities. While technology changes, people change slowly, and the underlying psychology that drives our decisions hasn’t changed.

Apart from broad applications, the other thread which links these majors is their place in the modern economy. Tech is advancing quickly and has become highly competitive, while our ability to communicate with each other has increased so strongly at the same time. It’s time to get down to business, quite literally, as business skills, financial skills, and interpersonal communication are highly valuable assets.

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