Passport Fees Are On The Rise

It looks like passport fees will be going up this spring, which means you may want to get that pesky passport renewal off of your to-do list sooner rather than later. Though the increase is a small one, it will still cost you more to renew your passport come April 2nd.

The $10 increase will be applied to the “execution fee” for in-person applicants, which brings the total of the execution fee from $25 to $35. Any adult or child under the age of 16 will have to pay this fee, so no one is exempt from it. Since the increase will be added to the in-person portion of the application, the only way round the fee is if you can choose to renew by using the mail-in route.

Bear in mind, the execution fee is not the entire fee of renewing or getting a new passport, it is simply a portion of it. Passport prices range anywhere from $15-$110, so maybe you save a little money and go the old-fashioned, mail route!

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1 year ago
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