Passive Income: How To Make Money Without Really Working

It is possible via passive income to make money without working. Of course, there does need to be some groundwork laid down, but after that it’s smooth sailing. Most seekers of passive income are not looking to work 9-5 in a cubicle, and don’t like to be confined or defined by their job. Some seek a passive income because they just want a little extra cash….if this sounds like you, perhaps you should look into creating a passive income for yourself! Here are some of the ways you can do just that:

-Stock dividends: Invest in stocks that pay off well in dividends.
-Design a t-shirt: If your design ends up being popular, you can make some good money. If it doesn’t, you’ve got yourself a cool t-shirt!
-Photography: With the social media age at its peak, professional photos have never been hotter. You can make great money taking photos on the side, which would require investing in a nice camera.
-Youtube: Many are turning to YouTube for money on the side. Run ads on your videos to make even more of a profit.
-Create an app: Got a great idea for an app? Now’s the time to create one! If you hit it big, you could end up selling it for a nice profit.
-Write: Plenty of online platforms need writers and will pay per article. If you are writing savvy, this could be your avenue.

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12 months ago