Ocean’s 8 Steals Box Office Spotlight

If you thought the original Ocean’s 11 trilogy was a smash, just wait until you hear what these 8 powerhouse actresses raked in at the box office this weekend.

The heist film spin-off racked in an estimated $41.5 million at the domestic box office, snatching the (well deserved) number one spot. This reveal comes after its $4 million Thursday night preview, predicting an unrivaled success. The movie cost $70 million to make, and once international box office results are in, the movie is sure to make well over its costs, as it already has an international gross of $53.7 million.

So how did the rest of the box office fare? Solo: A Star Wars Story is still struggling, but came in second place. The biggest surprise was A24’s horror story, Hereditary, which made the biggest opening in the production company’s history with $13 million, beating out its predicted opening.

The next two weekends are going to be huge to watch for moviegoers, because this weekend we have Incredible’s 2 expecting to open to upwards of $140 million domestically, and the following weekend, the sequel to Jurassic World hits the United States, which has already pulled in over $150 million internationally.

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1 year ago
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