Life Hacks For Advancing Your Career

Breaking out into your desired field of work and advancing your career to new heights is everyone’s goal. How we go about doing these things, however, can be completely different. Some people pour their heart and soul into their work, going above and beyond. And while that’s not a bad thing, there are other more subtle ways to advance in your career.

The first is going to be to dress for success. Everyone knows you should dress for the job you want, even if its not the position you are currently applying to. Have one designated suit or professional style dress that shows you mean business, even if you have to reuse it over and over because you’re on a budget.

What’s more interesting than dress code is that your facial features can be very eye-catching to employers. The top three facial features that can advance you in your career are wrinkle-free/clear skin, a proportional and symmetrical nose, and a strong jawline.

But not everyone is born with those features, and while some people recommend spending money on surgery to look “ideal,” I say “screw that” and learn to rock what you’re given. Find outfits that accentuate your traits. A trimmed beard can make a jaw-line appear more pronounced, well styled hair can help your face look symmetrical, and regular skin care can keep you looking young without breaking the bank.

Or, here’s an even better idea: don’t let employers fool you into thinking you need to look a certain way to have the job of your dreams. It should be your confidence, your passion, and your drive that shows employers you want to advance in your field. Sure, hygiene helps, but let’s stop focusing on how to “look the part” and finally embrace the inner beauty and confidence that can truly propel you to the next level.

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7 months ago
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