How To Save Money For Your Wedding

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2 years ago

Wedding season is in full swing. And if you have a wedding coming up you may start to see that as you begin to plan money seems to be one of the top things on your mind while trying to make your dream wedding a reality. Starting off your marriage with a lot of money to owe just doesn’t seem like a romantic start right? With that being said, here are a few ways you can save on your big day!

#1 Guest Count
This is huge when planning your big day. Whether you have ten dollars or a million dollars this is crucial to keep in mind. Your big day should be for close friends and family, which will help keep your costs low.

#2 Hire a Planner
When you think of hiring a wedding planner many people immediately assume that it’s a waste of money and all you’re doing is spending more money where you think you could be saving, but that is 100% not true. Hiring a planner is great because they basically pay for themselves. They negotiate on your behalf and they have so many connections that will help save you money.

#3 Make Sure You Love The Venue
This is a great tip when planning a wedding. The venue is already going to come with so many things so make sure you love all of it. Make sure you love the tables, the chairs, and all your surroundings because this will help you save big time.

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