How Texting Your Coworkers Can Get You Fired

We all know that texting on the job can be risky at times. If our manager or boss sees us slacking because we’re on our phone, it’s bound to have bad consequences. But even if you work for a firm or business where the primary mode of communication between workers is texting, you may still be in the hot seat when it comes to your messages.

According to Moneyish, there are many cases in which a text an employee wishes they could unsend got them fired. There’s proper etiquette on how to text your coworkers, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Let’s review some of the dos and don’ts for texting in the workplace.

First, always get permission that it’s okay to text your co-worker. Sending them sporadic messages without establishing a connection beforehand is not only creepy, but is very unprofessional. Make sure that, if you’re on a company phone or network, that you realize the message is considered the company’s domain. Anything you send could be traced back to the higher-ups and have consequences across the entire company. Always keep your spelling in check, and reduce your use of emojis so that everything you send appears to be professional.

These might sound like basic tips, but its an etiquette that this generation needs since we’re all so addicted to our phones. Realizing that your messages can have consequences is always the first step in learning appropriate texting protocol in the workplace.

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9 months ago
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