Facebook Marketplace: 4 Ways To Make Money Selling Products On FB

Social media can be a great method to make money while spring cleaning. Using the Facebook Marketplace feature is easier than you think. So many people are taking advantage of it to sell their stuff and make some extra money. Lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno is sharing her tips on how to use Facebook Marketplace to turn that clutter into cash. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, work in one room at a time.

Start with just one room and determine which stuff needs to be thrown away and which items might have some value to earn some extra money. Next, be educated about what sells best. Seasonal items tend to sell really well. In spring time, spring clothing, rain boots or outdoor furniture are top sellers. Kids’ toys and kids clothing are a big seller all year round. Be sure your photos look amazing. A great way to take a great snapshot is to have a white wall as your backdrop. That way, everything is nice and clean looking.

Additionally, having good natural lighting really makes the items in the photo pop. You can also use the filters on your phone to make the photo look extra special. Next, take photos from different angles – from above and in different sizes. Finally, setting the price that is fair will help you seal the deal. You need to take into account what you paid for it, as well as what other people are selling a similar item for.

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11 months ago