Dollar General Quietly Conquers Rural Markets

Most folks don’t pay dollar stores much mind. Why would you? Most of the stuff sold in dollar stores are weird and cheap, befitting of a dollar price tag. But if new statistics are to be believed, one dollar store chain, Dollar General, may have quietly cornered the rural consumer market, right under the retail giants’ noses.

In 2017, Dollar General opened new locations at a rate that would normally be unprecedented for a chain of that nature. According to statistics, new locations were popping up at a rate of at least four per day. At least 75% of Americans now live within a five-minute drive of a Dollar General location. This is in contrast to the mere 37% within five minutes of a Walmart. That’s not even the end of it; according to a call from Business Insider to Dollar General investors on Tuesday, the company is planning on opening at least 975 new stores in 2019, and that’s on top of the 900 total projected for the end of 2018.

In addition to its new geographical advantage, Dollar General has been siphoning customers from larger chains by introducing fresh produce at discount prices to 425 locations. This is in addition to the store’s usual eclectic selection that tantalizes bargain hunters.

Dollar General has its sights set on the big chains, Walmart especially. Next year could yield quite the retail showdown.

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5 months ago