Amazon Offering Free Shipping for Holiday Season

If you’re wondering which major retailer to do your holiday shopping at, Amazon has a little incentive to offer you. The online retailer announced that from November 5th to Christmas Day, December 25th, shipping on all Amazon orders is 100% free, no strings attached. Typically, to qualify for free shipping, a non-Prime customer must purchase at least $25 worth of items, but now you can get standard shipping for a purchase of any volume.

Amazon is expecting a strong uptick in sales for the 2018 holiday season, with The National Retail Foundation projecting a 4.8% increase over last year’s sales. Experts believe that this shipping elimination is a deliberate move to siphon business from the other major chains like Target and Walmart who still have a cost requirement on free shipping or cut off their holiday deals earlier. Amazon definitely needs the additional revenue after their recent stock drop due to not meeting Wall Street’s revenue projections for the third quarter.

The free shipping will be available until orders can no longer be feasibly delivered by Christmas day, so if you’re planning to wait on this, make sure to save at least a week or so.

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10 months ago
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