White House Proposes Student Loan Programs Changes

In a stated effort to cut waste and spend money more wisely, President Donald Trump has proposed several changes to student loan programs.

The possibility of worsening the current debt situation is still very real, and many students are concerned with how the changes will affect them.

Most college graduates would likely tell you to do what you can to avoid racking up too much student debt. The changes that Trump has proposed came with his proposed 2020 budget, in which he states he would like to see colleges being more accountable with their financing. The “Budget for a Better America” includes cuts in many areas, including subsidized loans, meaning a student loan would accrue interest while the student is still in school. Several other loans, including the Public Service Loan, will no longer be available. Some students are already voicing their concerns.

Regardless of any political discourse, some financial experts have rationalized the outlook from the White House. If subsidized loans are no longer available, students will have to be more careful regarding their expenses while they are in school.

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2 months ago
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