The Best Meals You Can Get In Economy Class

Credit: Air New Zealand

What is the deal with airplane food? Glad you asked.

Airplanes are seldom thought of as a place where you’d eat good food. This is especially true while you’re sitting in a crammed economy seat. That being said, the airline industry is always changing. Travel and Leisure put together a short list of the best meals you can find in economy. Airplane food doesn’t always have to be awful; in fact, it can be quite nice sometimes. Here are some of the nicer meals you can find flying economy.

The Aer Lingus Irish Breakfast

Aer Lingus is the flag carrier of Ireland, and they make that well known with their excellent Irish breakfast. The airline offers customers a traditional Irish breakfast complete with sausages, hash browns, and a tomato alongside brown bread and Irish butter. They also serve marmalade and orange juice on the side.

Korean Air’s Korean Ramen & Snacks

Korean Air is one of the better airlines for food. They offer several delicacies to choose from, including stir-fried spicy octopus with rice. Their signature dish, however, is bibimbap, a mix of various ingredients in rice. In a bibimbap meal, you get warm rice topped with namul (sauteed and seasoned vegetables) or kimchi. The meal includes chili pepper paste and soy sauce and is topped with a fried egg and sliced beef.

All Nippon Airways’ Udon Noodles

ANA offers some of the best food you’ll ever find on an airplane. For starters, their udon noodles are great, but it’s their wide selection of drinks that makes them shine. Passengers at ANA can drink Japanese green tea, or if you’re bored they have a great sake selection. They also offer their own original Aromatic Kabosu beverage, which is a mix sun-drench green citrus kaboso fruit and honey. If that’s too citrusy for you, you can always have their seasonal Koiwai additive-free blended vegetable and fruit juice, which is made of 32 fruits and vegetables.

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