The 80k Millennial Dream

Other generations always tell millennials that they are “out of their mind.” Today, that might just actually be true. According to a new study conducted by T.D. Ameritrade, millennials feel like they need to make $80,000 annually in order to live a happy lifestyle. I thought the objective of all those children’s movies was to teach us that money doesn’t buy happiness?

This number is up $30,000 from the study in 2016, which is alarming that in two years the number could jump so high. The age range studied (which was 21-37) said they also want to have lived the “American Dream” by the age of forty. These statistics show just how interesting and dichotomous this generation is from the previous.

Some people contribute the increased desire in salary to be tied with urban lifestyle, which tends to be more expensive. Additionally, millennials are more inclined to work from home or want flexible schedules, so to others it seems like desiring 80k a year is outrageous. However, with the growing amount of student debt accumulated by the generation and most working wages remaining stagnant, it appears they make a good case for that prospect.

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10 months ago
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