Small Business Week: Trust Is Key Business Asset

Trust is key in any relationship, and it’s especially important in a business partnership. One could even argue that it’s the most important thing in a strong relationship, business or personal. According to Marcus Lemonis, trust is the most valuable business asset you can have. The successful investor and host CNBC’s The Profit, explains why a lack of trust within your business can lead to some huge problems.

With National Small Business Week in full swing, it’s time to soak up all of the knowledge the titans of the industry have to offer from April 29-May 5. Lemonis has sage words of advice for small business owners, saying he believes that any mistake or problem can be solved if there’s an initial trust invested in the partners and the company itself. To find out where small business week events are being held in your state, visit the 2018 National Small Business Week page.

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12 months ago