Savings Alert: How To Stop Those Terrible ATM Fees

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2 years ago


Forgo The Fees Forever

Believe it or not ATM fees have been on the rise every single year and there are two types of fees that you typically pay at the ATM. What are those two fees you ask?

Well, they are called bank fees and service fees. Confused? Let’s break it down. When you go to an ATM that is not from your own bank, you will pay a bank fee. A bank fee is the charge for using another bank. This is insane and should be avoided at all costs.


If you can’t find an ATM from a bank that you use the next best thing is to find a surcharge free ATM. Still think this is too hard to find, well, there’s an app for that too called All Point. If you do this just once a week you will save at least $145 dollars a year in ATM fees. But wait, the savings don’t stop there!

What about auto insurance? With some simple steps you can save up to $300 dollars a year. The best advice? Don’t be married to your car insurance company. Be willing to switch it up a bit to find awesome savings!

And guess what, to make it even simpler, there’s an app for that as well and it’s called Go. Go, will be able to find you car insurance deals and discounts that can lead you to the savings.

For more money saving tips check out the video above!