Need A Little Financial Organization In Your Life?

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3 years ago

How to Find a Financial Planner

A lot of times when it comes to finances, many people don’t even know where to begin with it all! But in order to get yourself on track with your finances, you have to first be organized. However, you can’t always do it yourself. But have no fear because financial planners are there to help you through all your financial troubles! So, how do you pick these so called financial planners?

Start by making sure that the person you find knows what he or she is doing. Many people are money hungry so naturally they will try and get that money any way they can, even if that means ripping you off.


That’s not the case with all financial planners, but if you don’t feel safe trusting the person with your money, then it probably isn’t a good idea to begin with. Some tips to help in this process is conduct an interview and do a background check.

  1. Find a certified financial planner by contacting the CFP Board. They will provide you with a list of CFP’s in your area. Already have someone, that’s great! But, be sure to look them up on the site as well to make sure they have a clean record. Get a free financial planning resource kit by contacting CFP at 800-487-1497.
  1. Focus your search in finding a planner who focuses on customers just like you. If your young and planning for the future, you don’t want a financial planner that focuses on retirees money.
  2. Make sure they have at least five years of experience.
  3. Consider doing a criminal background check.
  4. Narrow your choices down to a few planners and set up an appointment.
  5. Before meeting find out how they bill.
  6. When you meet, ask how many times they see you two meeting in order to discuss your finances.
  7. Make sure they aren’t acting like they are doing you a favor. Remember you are paying for this!
  8. Go with your gut feeling!