Marriott Data Breach Has Guests Concerned

A massive data breach was reported by Marriott on Saturday. This breach has affected an estimated 500 million Marriot guests and they are none too pleased, especially with the breach being reported as beginning in 2014.

Letting hackers gain access to their guests’ information for such a long time has put a major stain on the Marriott’s reputation. The information that has been open to the hackers was addresses, dates of birth, passport numbers, and even some credit card numbers and expiration dates. All the information a hacker would need to open fake accounts in a guest’s name.

This revelation has guests very worried since they could have fake accounts in their name going back as far as 2014. Guests are saying that it is the responsibility of the hotel to keep their information private since their personal information is required to book a hotel room. You can not blame them for feeling this way; this is a huge violation of their privacy. It is scary thinking that something like this has been going on for so long with the hotel having no idea.

Marriott CEO Arnie Sorenson has apologized to guests and says that they fell sort of what their they deserve. Marriott is keeping guests up to date via email as the investigation into the hacking continues.

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5 months ago
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