Five Hotel Secrets You’ll Be Crazy Glad We Told You

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2 years ago

The Big Secrets revealed

When it comes to traveling saving money is key! Between the cost of airfare, food, hotels and everything else it’s safe to say things add up and quick. With that being said you will be happy to know these five tips when traveling to your next destination.


Pack Your Own Pillowcase
Believe it or not some hotels don’t change bedding regularly and some hotels even charge for it. So if you are staying somewhere for an extended period of time or if you need to save whenever you can then this is a perfect tip for you!

Forgot Your Charger?
If you happen to forget your charger on a trip and don’t want to spend on buying a new one go down to the lobby and ask if they have a spare. A lot of times they have extras from people who have left them behind.

Bring An Extra Cup
Yes, this one may sound a little weird but some hotels will charge you for every little thing you use including dishes and glasses. So be prepared for the fees if looking to use the hotels.

Make Hotel Reservations Over The Phone
When booking a hotel I is best to call over the phone to really make sure you know what you are paying for. You don’t want to check out of an all-inclusive resort with surprise fees.

Tell The Hotel It’s Your Birthday Or Anniversary
Some hotels, if you clue them in on your special occasion, will upgrade your room free of charge! How cool is that! Just remember the answer is always no until you ask.

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