Carta Considering Building a Private Stock Exchange

Carta has amassed enough clout to break into the private investment sector.

Carta is ascending at breakneck speeds, and the company is now considering building a new private stock exchange. The last two quarters have seen the company more than double in value, and the latest funding round has given them all the momentum they could possibly need.

Carta is seven years old, and the company focuses on products that make the investment process faster and easier. They currently serve over 700,000 shareholders at over 11,000 companies, and they handle upwards of $550 billion in equity. Now the company has been valued at $1.7 billion, and it’s the perfect time to start making some serious moves. Carta can already boast of Goldman Sachs, Lightspeed Venture, and several other big name investors.

Due to the company’s past experience and technological capital, they have effectively already put together the groundwork for a private stock exchange. Although it’s not so easy to see, most companies prefer to stay private. The challenges of going public in 2019 are too much for many companies, and many companies don’t want to deal with the risk of losing control of their information and their investors. Data from the National Bureau of Economic Research tells us that fewer companies are trading publicly now than 40 years ago.

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4 months ago
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