Beware of Bad Advice from Social Security

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2 years ago

Social Security seems to be the go to source where people believe they should be getting their information from…right? You can trust everything they say… well, that’s what most people think and it couldn’t be more FALSE! That’s right, it turns out that it’s not the right go to source.

For the most part people in Social Security are good people and try hard. However, they get asked over 3 million times per week for information, their payrolls have been cut by $10,000 compared to what they were making 10 years ago, their funding is so low that their office hours have been cut, and so what we have learned is that they try to shift as much of their advise as they can to the internet. But the truth is you can’t do a one size fits all Social Security on the internet!

Remember everyone’s situation is different. For more information on what you should be doing be sure to check out the video above!

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