Amazon Buys Ring’s Smart Doorbell Business

Amazon has made its largest Smart home acquisition yet. It bought Ring, the company best known for its smart doorbells. This was a big success for Ring, the idea that was once rejected on ‘Shark Tank’. Ring Video Doorbells are a home security system that allow you to answer the door from anywhere using your iOS or android Smart phone. The two companies have not revealed what they plan on doing together, but it is expected that Amazon will integrate Ring’s technology into the rest of its lineup. The deal, which could reportedly cost $1 billion was spoken of with high favor by an Amazon spokesperson. “Ring’s home security products and services have delighted customers since day one. We’re excited to work with this talented team.”

Ring, meanwhile, might do more to integrate Amazons services. The Ring brand will remain intact so you do not have to worry about its products disappearing from stores any time soon. This is not Amazon’s first purchase in this field. It acquired the doorbell maker Blink in December, 2017. This deal with Ring may be one of the most important ones so far, though because Google is encroaching on Amazon‘s turf through both its assistant and the widening smart home range. Nest is planning on updating its Google Assistant with its Cam IQ security camera. The Ring purchase could help Amazon compete more directly with Google’s hardware and make sure it’s Alexa assistant stays on top.

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1 year ago