3 Surprising Things You Can Rent

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4 years ago

Renting is becoming a popular trend, but sometimes it makes more financial sense to buy. Owning a home or condo can make you money while you own it, while other obvious things like a car to use while your out of town make more sense to rent.

Here are three things you might not have considered renting that make great financial sense and allow you to afford higher quality items than if you were only shopping in your price range:

  • Wedding Dresses – Wedding can be crazy spendy! When you’ve got macaroons to monogram, why waste your money on a dress you’re only going to wear once? Websites like Rent the Runway and Borrowing Magnolia allow you to rent high-end designer dresses for just a fraction of their price tag.
  • Garden Plots – There’s nothing like planting a few rows of green veggies and watching them grow! If your small house or apartment doesn’t have enough green space, take your green thumb elsewhere and rent a garden plot, or pea patch as they’re called, in a community garden. Nothing beats the taste of fresh tomatoes.
  • Caskets – Don’t let your delicate sensibilities get offended, but after you pass, spare your loved ones the expense of an ornate, gorgeous casket that could set them back two to five thousand big ones! Instead, tell them to rent one and spend the money on something nice so they remember how considerate you are.

There are plenty more things you can rent these days, just make sure you consider your options and think about if it makes more sense to own or rent. Happy savings!